Kia Vehicles in Newmarket

Kia Motors is a South Korean car manufacturer. They have a very wide market and their car models are available all over the world. Kia’s success comes from the fact that they produce vehicles for every class at accessible prices. Their vehicles models are extremely reliable, inexpensive, easy to maintain and economical. They even come with Kia’s 5 year, 100,000km manufacturers warranty. For this reason, the car brand is popular worldwide and it produces over 1.5 million vehicles every year.

So, if you want to buy a Kia car and are looking to save money, consider buying a used model. Still, you must be careful because a lot of used vehicles come with hidden technical problems that are omitted by the seller. But to prevent this from happening, you should opt for an authorized car dealership. At NewRoads, we have a lot of Kia models to choose from, and all of them are verified and checked against any potential problems. So, there isn’t any difference between a new Kia and a used one, purchased from our dealership (besides the reduced price, of course). If you’re looking for a Kia car in Newmarket, New Roads is the best choice.

Below are some examples of the best pre-owned Kia models we have in stock:

1) If you want to purchase a premium SUV at a decent price, then a 2015 Kia Soul might be the perfect option for you. The car has a more than decent engine of 2.0 L and it’s equipped with features like: heated seats, automatic transmission, cruise control and many others. Even though you’re looking at an SUV, the fuel consumption is low, making it a very economical car. Considering that is a 2015 model, the car still has factory warranty so you can fix it for free in case of any problem. The price is significantly lower than a new car and for just $16,561 you can buy yourself a premium quality SUV.

2) Another interesting model is the 2015 Kia Optima. Designed as a luxury sedan, the car provides comfort and safety in the same time, all at a decent price. It has a 2.4 L engine that can produce up to 200 horsepower. The car comes with a very futuristic design that reminds us of the Audi models. The interior is sporty and clean, with a classy cockpit. The value for money is great with the Kia Optima and if you look at its features list you will be more than certain that we are talking about a luxury car. The car is still in warranty and you shouldn’t have any problems with it. It can be yours for just $16,261.

3) 2016 Kia Sorento is designed as a combination between an SUV and a Minivan. It has a lot of space and is also available in a seven-passenger version. The interior is extremely spacious and it has some very friendly user controls. The materials in the cabin are well made and the seats are very comfortable. The second-row seats can be folded for extra cargo space. The SUV comes with a decent and economical engine of 2.0 L, which is more than enough for this amazing SUV. You can buy a used Kia Sorento from our NewRoads Kia of Newmarket dealership for just $27,485.

4) If you have a lower budget but still want to purchase a premium car, then the 2014 Kia Rio might be the perfect option for you. The car offers a stylish European design, a very clean and functional interior, as well as a low fuel consumption. It has a 1.6 L engine, which is a common option for a lot of sedan manufacturers. Considering the price, we can say that the 2014 Rio is more than generous with the offered features. The car includes: air conditioning, USB port, LED taillights, navigation system, leather seats and many other. The price is very affordable and you can purchase it for just $11,348.

NewRoads Financial offers a wide range of used vehicles for all budgets. Still, if you are looking to purchase a car and don’t have the money up front, you can make a 100% secure credit application with loans approved in 2 business days. Just check our website and choose the option that suits you best.